Many of you have been following our adoption journey on my blog or on Frankies site and know that we are about to be sending our dossier to Haiti in the next week.  Sending that dossier is the first major step in our financial commitment to bring Frankie to our home.  In trying to meet that step we are applying for grants, interest free loans, making personal sacrifice as a family and now also asking for your help.  To be honest this is tough for us.  Both Dave and I are somewhat private people and we don’t like to impose our private needs on other people’s lives. And yet we are also largely community people who believe in investing in the lives of others and inviting others invest in our lives. 

With that said, many of you that are reading this blog are part of that community.  Some are more intimately connected to that journey than others but all still helping us write our story with our lives.  And so we want to let you know as authentically as possible that we could use your help.   We know there is more than one way that you have and will contribute to this journey.  Many of you have been such a huge encouragement already with your words.  Many of you have been praying for us since we started this process.  Already many of you have told us how you would like to help financially and now we feel we need to open that opportunity up to you.  So from two indirect people this is our indirectly direct way of saying that honestly we could really use your financial help.

Again, this is not something that we want you to feel any pressure or obligation to do. We know that times economically are tight and even a little scary right now. We understand that every dollar is a precious decision of how it is best used. And we know that many of you have your own needs in the journey that God has called you to. However,  this is simply one way that we are continuing to invite you in to our journey.  So, Dave and I are very humbly asking if you would consider partnering with us financially in our journey to bring Frankie to be a part of our family. We estimate the total journey to be between $13-16,000.00. This first step is roughly half of that investment. Because both of us work for Wayfarer, Wayfarer has generously allowed our family to set up an account through them so that anyone who wants to give to this journey will be able to receive a tax write off for your contribution.

Two Ways to Give:
1. Donate on line through Paypal

2. Send a Check to Wayfarer.
Make Check out to Wayfarer and note that it is for the Rhodes Family Adoption Fund.
Mail to:
Attn: Rhodes Family Adoption Fund.
116 Hidden Hill Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Thanks for letting us share with you.  Please keep coming back to my blog or Frankies for updates.  We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Kim and Dave