I love the start of Fall.  When we are down at the park in the evenings and the cool air in a moments time sweeps across the place.  Yesterday Emma had a birthday party at Nivens Apple Farm.  We normally go there every year.  It was nice to go yesterday to celebrate a birthday of a little girl in Emma’s class but better yet because we were with the birthday group the kids and I got to take on Nivens for free this year.  Free Apple picking, running through the corn maze and a free Hay Ride.  It was the perfect Day.  All of our kids are enjoying Fall.

Pumkins Anyone?

I promised Emma we would make an Apple Pie this week with the apples we picked.  Anyone have any easy recipes?  I think I’m in trouble!  Promising something I’m not so sure I can deliver on.

Just got a new picture today of Frankie and he’s eating!  Wish he was here.  Since he loves to eat I bet ya he would love to have some Apple Pie too!!!  We miss you Frankie!