It’s like that in life right?  Days that are light days and days that are heavy days?  I’m at work, quickly checking some blogs as I get ready to post a blog today for Wayfarer and a race happening this weekend for some of the ladies of Wayfarer and I check in with Licia and what’s happening at the Rescue Center to See the post 2 died, 4 went home, 3 new arrivals

And swoosh.  Perspective.  Much needed perspective on our world and on life.  Last year I went through the book, To Be Told by Dan Allender with some close friends.  And through that book, my heart for Haiti came to the surface and I acted on promptings of understanding why I am passionate about certain things and actually acting on those passions for Haiti.  In a years time, I’ve made a trip there after years of longing to return, we get the privilege to have Frankie join our family in the coming years, Our family has been able to network and support some families there like the Livesays, and Real Hope for Haiti.  I want to do so much more but just don’t know how. 

It’s hard because I have other passions to that are in the daily world I live in as well.  And my world is SO DIFFERENT from the world and lives of people in Haiti.  It’s hard to live in between them.  To understand my role living between them.  I know many people struggle with that as well.  It’s just a heavy day. 

Here is a picture I took in May of the kids at the Rescue Center.  I was there. I touched these children. I saw what Lori and Licia do with what God has given them.  I’m constantly reminded that their lives and struggles are real. Not because I read about it but because I saw it and I smelled it and I touched it.  It leaves me constantly disturbed.  It leaves me so awake to my passions.  It leaves me Heavy.