Yesterday we had a day of firsts during our time at Disney.  It was also the perfect day.

First time:

  • we never waited over 20 minutes for a ride
  • we walked on rides with no wait
  • we did not sweat ourselves away
  • we did not freeze ourselves away
  • Izzie was actually pleasant and enjoyable for the whole day
  • Emma and Dave road Soar-in (at Epcot)
  • I traumatized Izzie by taking her to Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3-D experience, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. I’m sorry Izzie.
  • Emma, Dave and I road Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We screamed the whole way.  First time Emma rode a big roller coaster.  She loved it.
  • ate  at the Chrystal Palace – Dave’s parents treated us by surprise!  Great Food!
  • Izzie saw giant characters and she did not like them.
  • we rode in the front car of the monorail and talked with the driver who’s been doing that for 13 years.
  • we saw tinker-belle fly out of the castle.
  • we stayed after the fireworks and walked on 5 rides.
  • Emma fell asleep on our way out of the park as she was walking.  No joke!
  • we conquered the park and had an amazing day!

And by the way.. when it’s free, somehow that just puts the icing on the cake!  Enjoy the picts! Thanks again John. 

Emma and Izzie Waiting for John to come and meet us:
Emma and Izzie Waiting

Emma Waiting:
disney 2008 002

Waiting for the Monorail:
disney 2008 009

This is my favorite part of Disney. Walking on Main Street to the Castle:
disney 2008 013

Izzie Playing on a sound floor:
disney 2008 005

Our Dinner Treat:
disney 2008 015

disney 2008 016

What happens after a fairy tail day:
disney 2008 029