We made it to Florida late last night.  I forgot how hot it is here.  At 7:30AM I’m already looking to cool off.  We are heading to Disney today for a day at the park.  Dave has an uncle who works for Disney who always gets us in for free when we come for a visit.  It really is such a nice treat for us.  It has warped Emma in a way since she thinks it’s normal to go to Disney all the time but I’m sure we’ll handle that later down the road.  I think we may have been 10x in the past 5 years.  Yeah, like I said… we’ve already dealt with extreme Disney princess obsession let alone other things but we still keep going. 

I hope the girls can make it till the end of the day so we can stay for the Fireworks.  It’s one of my favorite things to expereince.  As you watch them you truly feel like you are in a fairy tale moment and when you are standing there with your family the whole world seems to stop for a moment.  Then you wake up and make your way through the crowds so you can get home and get in your bed and face reality.

So Mickey and the gang and all the princesses… Here we come.  We are crossing our fingers that there are not major lines everywhere (which I’m sure there will be) Thanks again John for making our dreams come true again!

What do they say?  Let the magic begin?