In this world there is always the things that we need versus the things that we want.  Friends are always something that Dave and I want but more importantly for us they are people that we need. 

This weekend our family headed to Orange Beach, AL to spend some time with the Davis family. Roger and Becca have been our friends for over 10 years. I worked with Roger at Student Life before Dave and I were married. We all lived in the same commune while Dave was in in Grad school at Beeson. We’ve been on many vacations together, eaten many meals and had many laughes. We watched them find each other and saw them fall in love. We were honored to stand with them at their wedding as they said I do. Since then we’ve started families and live 5 hrs away but it’s always good to spend time together. They are the kind of people that in another 10 years we will still be doing life with. It’s so important to have those people in your life. Not the people you only want in your life but the people that you need in your life.

Since having all of the kids we have not had many moments where our families have been together…kids and all. Most of the time it’s the adults sneaking off to a much needed adult only vacation. But this weekend was full of kids and laughter and screaming and order and cayoss. It was simply fantastic. We  can’t wait till the next time we do it again.  Thought I’d share some pictures!

The Davis Family: Roger, Becca, Sterling, Landry and Baby Kinsley.
The Davis Family

The Rhodes Family: Yes, Izzie has issues and I have a stiff neck!
Rhodes family at Orange Beach

All the kiddies. They all had so much fun. This is the first time they’ve all been together:
The Kids

Sterling and Emma:  Yes Sterling you are very Lucky!
Sam and Emma (55)

Izzie. I just needed to prove that she was not crying the whole time!:
Sam and Emma (21)