They grow up too fast!

Emma graduated from k4 last week and is on her way to starting kindergarten in August.  Where is the time going?  We were heading back from AL yesterday and in the car Emma said her top front tooth was hurting her.  I assumed it was because we forgot her toothbrush for the weekend and they were in need of some major brushing. (way to go mom!)  But when I checked her tooth I gave it a little wiggle and it’s a slight bit loose.  It has a long way to go but it was moving.  How can this be?  How can my baby girl be ready to loose her teeth already?  I”m not ready for all of this so it better stay put for a another year or so!

The family at Graduation last Tuesday.

Emma and Sam. (They’ve been together each step of the way since they were 3months old)

Emma’s friends from her class.

Emma and her teacher Ms. Leigh.  I can’t say enough aboit Leigh.  She is an amazing teacher and we were so blessed and lucky to have her a part of our lives.

Emma we are so proud of you and all you have done this year so far.  Thanks for being such an amazing blessing to our lives.