Meeting Licia.
Haiti Rescue Center 027

I’m sure Haiti will keep coming back up from time to time.  I still feel like there is so much to share but so little time right now for me to really process my experience.  I’m sure it will hit in spurts.  I was just catching up on other peoples blogs and just finished reading Aaron’s blog today on the our visit to see Licia.  We arrived in Haiti on a Thursday and the next day we woke up and went to Cazale to get Aaron and Jamie’s kids… Amos and Story for the week.  I was able to meet Licia and see everything that they are doing.  I’ve follwed Licia and Lori’s blogs for a while so it was so good to see where they give their lives. 

So please head hereand read all about the RC and what Zack, Lori, and Licia are doing and enjoying hearing about how we spent our Friday while we were in Haiti!