Took a trip to the outlets in Gaffney yesterday after work and prayed the whole way there that they would have ivory shoes for Emma for a wedding she is in this weekend.  Well planned mom was not on top giving myself time to find shoes.  Who would have thought that the shoe industry ran out of shoes and are not making ivory shoes in the size we need anymore?  Seriously…try and find Ivory dress shoes in Greenville/Spartanburg and you can’t.

We get there.  We find these.  They will work.

Thank you Lord…..  2 kids in a nice store and I forgot my stroller.  As I make my way back to the van I notice that the driver side door is open.  My door is open.  Apparantly I got out of the car, got the kids out and never shut the door.

Yeah, that is how I know I am stressed.