So Ginger did this and Debra and Jamie so here I go.  What about you?

i am: aging and wondering how life is going by so fast.
i think: way too much but don’t often share my opinion.
i know: my family loves me.
i want: to live a life that others only dare to.
i have: the most amazing family.
i wish: my friends families lived closer to them
i hate: when I talk and people don’t listen or bring the conversation back to themselves.
i miss: playing tennis. I was a college athlete and I have not picked up a racket in 10 yrs.
i fear: dying. Only because I don’t want to miss out on what happens here.
i feel: tired and worn out.
i hear: my husband in the kitchen unloading groceries.
i smell: nothing. I have a cold.
i crave: chocolate. a lot.
i search: for my kids shoes everyday.
i wonder: often when I stare at the stars in the sky.
i regret: not traveling internationally more before we had kids.
i love: my husband. He truly completes me.
i ache: for people to accept me as I am.
i care: about people who can not care for themselves.
i always: have a cup of coffee in the morning.
i am not: an extrovert.
i believe: in community and that at the end of your life if you win alone, you lose.
i dance: for my kids while we play.
i sing: in my car on my way to work.
i cry: often.
i don’t always: know the right things to say to people.
i fight: being negative.
i write: to express myself and journey with God.
i win: if I’ve dared to dream and give it all I have.
i lose: if I miss God in the midst of dreaming.
i never: feel like I have everything organized.
i confuse: peoples words and their heart at what they are saying.
i listen: when I choose to. I’ve been told I have selected hearing.
i can usually be found: wiping a counter or organizing a drawer. 
i am scared: at night when Dave is gone and I hear things in the house.
i need: acceptance on a daily basis.
i am happy about: going to Haiti next week.

and you?