I’ve been so stressed lately.  Why is that?  I just can’t get it together on my end.  Oh well.  These are the seasons that you know come and they go just as quickly as they came.

I’ve had such a heavy heart the past few days.  For many reasons.  I’m excited about leaving next week for Haiti.  I am anxious about leaving the kiddies behind.  I’ve been overwhelmed with all the details to get together and I’ve been so humbled by all the people who have been such a support for me to go on this trip.    And here is the thing that I feel most impressed to say to everyone who keeps up with my random thoughts on life and this trip that is coming.  I’m honored I get to go on this trip.  Haiti has haunted me since the day I left there over 15 years ago.  To return is a desire being fulfilled… a dream.  We all have those dreams.  Those promptings of things we feel like we should do or be a part of.  It may not be a missions trip for you but it may be contacting an old friend, getting more involved in your community or church, investing in someone who needs you, entertaining more, being that soccer coach for a team that needs help, making a meal for someone, fostering or adopting a child.  Everyone has promptings and my only prayer for you is that when you hear that inner voice inside of you… for me it’s the holy spirit… and he tells you what to do … I dare you to do it.  Dream big and jump off the diving board.  We are all just very ordinary people but in this life we can be called and dared to do extraordinary things.  I am just little old me and in a moment my life can change through circumstances.  But I refuse to just sit and life and dreams pass me by.    Will you dream with me?  What is it that you are needing to do?  I dare you!