So here is the deal.  I am 32 and my whole life I’ve probably only have had my hair cut about 4 times a year.  My hair is curly (well used to be more) and so there is not much to do with it unless you want a fro.  But after having 2 kids or the fact that I am aging… my hair has changed.  My tight curls are gone and often it will go straight on the top.  I still have curls but not like I used to.  It makes me sad because I really loved them.  My friends told me I needed to get a cut and color.  Have never colored my hair either.  So this is what I ended up with.  It’s a little shorter.  A lot more layers and now some highlights.  Always was afraid of too many layers (ie fro) but now they work great and I think next time I could even go shorter.  I hate taking picts of myself.  I stood and held the camera for this one so my mother in law could see.  Don’t really think you can see my hair all that well but it will do.  I am shocked at how much I’ve begun to show my age this past year. 

new hair