May 1 is going to be here before you know it.  And that means I’ll be on a plane to Haiti.  Dave is out of town next weekend in TX so really this weekend I need to get some stuff done.  I got really exciting news yesterday.  I found out that I will be meeting our child that we sponsor through Compassion.   She lives in Haiti and I had contacted Compassion about possibly getting her to come to where I would be at so we can meet.  Compassion is awesome.  Anytime there is a chance that you can meet your sponsor child they will do almost anything to make it happen.  So I will be meeting Angela on our last day in Haiti.  When Emma was born we decided to sponsor a child through compassion and we chose Haiti since I  had been there before.  Our first child we sponsored was Leon.  She was born in December just like Emma.  Two years ago we were notified that Leon was leaving the program and at that time we were privileged to begin to sponsor Angela.  So we’ve been sponsoring Angela now for a few years (Jamie.. I told you wrong when we talked! ) 

I have now raised enough money to cover the cost of my trip.  Thanks everyone who has invested in me and supported me in this process.  I’ve been blown away.  I’ll still need to raise a bit more to cover the expenses of getting Angela to come and see me and then our fearless trip leader Jamie had a great idea.  The food crisis in Haiti right now is very bad.  The average cost of rice per bag has more than tripled.  So every extra penny that I raise for this trip, I am taking in cash with me so that when we are there we can purchase food and other items and distribute it when we are there.  So if you still want to make a donation to Wayfarer in my name, your donation will go in helping the lives of people in Haiti.