In the Lovevolution series, we put a huge challenge before the Engage community. We decided to try to raise $3,000 to help 3 churches in Peru rent temporary facilities for their Compassion International projects. These churches are rebuilding from a 7.9 Richter Scale earthquake last summer.

Once again, you stepped up HUGE! We raised a total of $4,258.08 through Monday night, and more money has come in via PayPal this week. So not only are we going to provide facilities for 650 children to learn about God, go to school, and eat healthy meals for six months — we’re also going to be able to go above and beyond to minister in other needy areas of Peru.

And that’s not all. Engage attenders have sponsored 18 children through Compassion over the last three weeks. This completely changes the future of 18 kids. They now have hope. They now have the chance to get an education. They now know that someone cares for them and wants to see them succeed.

The Engage team is so proud of how you have responded to this giving challenge in Peru. Once again, our community of 300 people in Greenville has proved that we care about our world, and once again we have taken the Lovevolution full circle by bringing God’s love to others. We want to make sure you know how thankful we are to be a part of a message and a movement that shows God’s love in such powerful ways.