I just found out tonight that my 83 year old grandmother (Nana) has breast cancer.  She had a lump removed last year that was benign but she found another one and this time it was malignant.  It’s hard to express what I am feeling right now.  She is going for tests tomorrow and they are scheduling her for surgery next week to remove her breast.  Pretty extreme but with her age that is the best recommended treatment. 

It’s crazy.  To go through 83 years of life and now you have to deal with breast cancer and the removal of a breast.  This is the first bout of cancer in our family.

So if you think of it pray for her.  Things like this are never easy to face no matter what age you are. Pray for the doctors involved in her treatment and for us her family as we seek out the best way to love on her during this time.  And just as I believe for anyone I believe for her that God will use this is very hard and broken situation and will bring about beauty.