Christmas 2007 112

People in the South drive me crazy.  Yesterday I was heading home from work and stopped off at the grocery store.  Was out of milk and that is a bad thing when you have a 1 yr old.  I was surprised to see how busy it was at the store and then the milk was sparse and so was the bread.  That only meant they were predicting a dusting as us pure northerners would call it.

It dusted here last night.  To Carolinians… we had a major snow storm.  Everything was cancelled and no one goes out of the house in fear of a snowflake on the road.  It amuses me every year it happens.

And it never seems to amaze me how people will go and buy Milk, Bread and eggs in that order when half the time they go most the year without all three of those things in their house.

But to me the snow day today meant a very much needed day of cleaning house and playing with the kids.  It has meant building snowmen, eating all the snow you want ((yes, I’m the mom that says go for it! )) eating snow slushes, and drinking lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  It also means getting those much needed closets cleaned out!  So as bizarre as the thought of this being an actual thing called a snow day, it has been ever so welcomed by the Rhodes family.