Dave is back on the road this weekend.  He flew to Pensacola FL this morning. The house feels empty.  I mentioned to Emma last night that daddy was going to be gone the next few days.  She started crying.  It took me by surprise.  She then went on to say…. “It’s not fair.  I’ve only got to go 3x and daddy has gotten to go 100x.” She was referring to her going to a few camps with him this past summer.  I went on to tell her how mommy does not get to go either and reminded her of how this summer she gets to go with daddy again.  Such big stuff for little girls.  It is hard having a daddy that travels on the weekends but as always we are thankful for each opportunity Dave has to take our families mission on the road.

I hate that I never wrote again about the un-breakable time.  It ended really well and was a good journey for me personally.