Great News about the things that I had asked for prayer about this week and that have been so heavy on my heart.

Jamie made it to Haiti and is having a great time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with her experience on her blog.  The people she has been in contact with in Haiti and where she is staying… ((Lori, Licia, and Troy) are people I have been keeping up with on their own blogs for the past 8 months so it’s been such a sweet time for me to read up on her interacting with all of them as well.

There is a contract on our friends house!!!!  Just found out the great news this morning.  And seriously people… in the market today this just does not happen.  A true miracle and God thing for sure.  And better yet the people buying their house are renters so it’s really the best case scenario you could dream up.  So we are thrilled for them and way too excited.  I’m sure we’ll be helping with watching the kids and painting here in the next month as they try and attempt to get everything taken care of.  It’s a lot of details so continue to pray for them as they go through all the paperwork on the house they are selling and the house they are buying!

What great news today!