First, I wanted to say that I’ve renamed my blog to (un)written.  I must give all the props to my friend Courtney Reichley who came up with the brilliant title.  I liked it so much that I stole it from her.  It’s just on loan until she decides to copyright it.  Until then, I’m taking other peoples creativity.  Thanks Courtney!  I’m sure she is rolling her eyes right now! 🙂

We had a wonderful Christmas day.  The best one yet.  There is nothing like sitting in a room with 4 generations surrounding you and being forever grateful.  I think the highlight of the two day celebration was when at our Christmas Eve service at our church, we had a time of lighting candles.  It started down our row with my Grandmother to my mother to me and then to my daughter Emma… each lighting each others candle from the person before.  Just one of those moments where you realize the power of a family.  It was a priceless moment for me.

I’ll let the pictures follow tell our story of the past few days.  It was a time of richly celebrating each other and the people we love.  And of course the general rule of Dave and I are not getting each other anything was broken by him.  He calls it my Christmas/Birthday.  Well it should be like all the Holidays this whole year to come.  You’ll see what I am talking about from the picture.

Dave and I with the girls ready to head to our Christmas Eve Service.  Thanks Great Nana for the Girls beautiful dresses.

Christmas 2007 043

At Home Getting our Cookies, Milk and Picture Ready for Santa.
Christmas 2007 044

Christmas Morning and Seeing that Santa did in fact come!
Christmas 2007 047

Izzie’s “big” gift from her Nana and Papa – A Rocking Zebra!
Christmas 2007 055

Emma Got a Ballet outfit from us and then her Nana and Papa got her a Disney Pricess Castle. I could not believe my mother did this. I was shocked. Another thing to store but Emma really loved it and has played for hours with it so far!
Christmas 2007 058
Christmas 2007 064

And then their is me. Remember my post on the Jeans? Seriously people I would NEVER buy them but leave it to my dear husband to… what did he say? Do something for me that I would Never do for myself. So here is my gift or should I say Dave’s gift? I think he has enjoyed them more than I have!
My gift from Dave

We are truly blessed. Not just from material things but from friends and family that are dear to our hearts. So we celebrate with joy this season with the constant reminder of the real meaning behind why we spent two days in giving and receiving gifts.

We certainly missed Dave’s family the past few days as well. We are taking a trip to see them at the beginning of the year and are looking forward to time spent with them.

The past few days have certainly reminded me the need and blessing of community and family. It has also made me so aware of the people who don’t have anyone this time of year, who have lost loved ones this past year and have family that is fighting in this war we are a part of.  My Grandfather did a meals on wheels Run on Monday and he was sharing about all the people who are alone this time of year… by themselves.  It was hard hearing him tell of having to leave them meals and knowing it would be just them.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a hopefully a very happy New Year as well to you!  I am in hope of the many adventures this new year will bring for our family and for the people we know and love and the people that we have yet to meet.