Gingerbread house

So it’s Christmas time and we should be talking about Mary and Joseph but instead Emma and I always seem to be in an in depth conversation about Adam and Eve.  Well as in depth as you can get with a 5 year old.  So today we celebrated the story of creation.  Tomorrow we’ll try again to stick with the Christmas Story!

We’ve had a lazy few days.  They have been wonderful.  Dave will sleep in and then tag me and I’ll go to sleep for a few more hours and well for the past few days we’ve done a lot of sleeping.  I don’t think either of us realized how much we were in need of rest.

After getting a little bit stir crazy today, Emma and I left Izzie with Dad in search of a gingerbread house.  G-ma made one with her last year and I’ve been promising all weekend that we would try and find one and do one ourselves.  Not from scratch mind you.. the pre-made ones that you just have to put together.  We finally found one and what an adventure putting it together.  I don’t know how we salvaged it but we did and Emma did all the decorating.  I’m still trying to recover from the process of making the four walls stand up!  But alas… we made a beautiful creation!