Today I did something that I had not done in the past 6 years.  I made a batch of home made chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies.  That’s pretty big news for me.  I’m not the baker or the cook for that matter.  But we are heading to Charleston this weekend for New Years and I wanted to bring something that was not store bought.  2 burns (to myself!) and 40 cookies later I think they turned out pretty good.  But the whole process did remind me why I do not like to bake.  It has been a slammed weekend for me.  Dave has been gone to NC for an event and I took down all the Christmas stuff and am getting the family ready to be gone for a week.  I can’t believe all the stuff that goes into getting everyone out the door.  After Charleston we are heading to a late Christmas with Dave’s family.  So I’m exhausted and looking forward to Dave being back tomorrow and finished things around the house.