If you really want to know what stirs me at the core of who I am… watch this video.  Strip me of what I do with Wayfarer and Dave and I in our ministry we share and leave just Kim… and here you go.  My heart breaks for these children.  To think that the simple answer of food is all that is needed yet so many people lack the resources to provide for their families.  Again, I am speechless and heartbroken.

I’m heading to Haiti in May.  I’ll post more on that later but for today… this has torn my gut.  Not sure what you are passionate about or what stirs you beyond yourself.  But I challenge you to seek out those things and not stop till you find ways you can join in that passion to change the world.

Licia and Lori both have this posted on their site.  Jamieposted in her blog about them and Real Hope for Haiti.

Please pray for this little boy and the countless others who face this everyday.