The Wayfarer Wives

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 Well it was a great weekend. I have a lot of catching up to do. So I will start today with the wedding. What a great time of celebration it was. We don’t get together as families and celebrate often enough. We had a wonderful time the whole weekend. The best part was watching Robert enjoy his day. He wore the biggest smile. He even danced up a storm. And if you know Robert, you know that is not something he would naturally do. I know we were all honored to be part of everything. At the reception we just had a lot of fun. Dancing, laughing, eating, etc. If you did not know most of us… you would probably think we were a bunch of crazy people. So here are a few highlights the weekend for me.

  • I loved having two nights out with my hubby where we got to celebrate with Robert and Lindsay.

  • Robert has 5 other siblings.  At one point they were all sitting around a table with their significant others and Roberts parents were there too.  It was great to get a true glimpse of a family.

  • I had an incredible fillet on Friday night.  My husband ordered chicken of all things and I told him I would not share!

  • I bought a few new outfits for the weekend.  Had not done that in a long time.  Got a lot of compliments.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Good because I felt good about myself but bad because do I look that bad all the other times? 🙂

  • So you know that I get credit for hooking Robert and Lindsay up?  Yep.  I introduced them.  I know… I know….

  • Last, it was a good moment for me to see Robert find the person he loves and that he wants to do life with.  Since Robert coming to Wayfarer and being one of the single amazing guys that he is… we all have been earnestly praying that God would bring him a godly wife and life mate.  And that he did.  It was just a full circle moment of knowing God provides.

 Robert and Lindsay… Congrats!  We love you!