Dave headed out this morning for his final camp of the summer. And on the way out the door he took my left arm with him. That would be Emma. I am sitting here this evening bored out of my mind wondering what to do with all the time on my hands. It’s just Izzie and me holding down the fort.

We were all to go to camp this week with Dave but I backed out to stay behind with Izzie. After the earlier camps this summer I promised myself that I was not doing that again this summer and I meant it. However that meant I had one sad little girl Emma on my hands. She has been talking about going to kids camp with Daddy all summer so a few phone calls later Dave decided to take her on his own. Now I normally would not allow something like that to happen. Dave spends a lot of time being available to people when he is at a camp so I was not sure how having Emma there would be. But I think we’ve worked it all out. And if things go down hill fast, I’ll just go get her. They are going to have great daddy/Emma time. Plus it’s going to be really good for Dave. I don’t think he’s ever had sole responsibility of Emma for 4 days straight without my help. I am hoping he will come home appreciating all I do! 🙂 Which I know he already does but this will be a good bonding experience for them

Emma and I talk about what daddy does all the time. When he is not here with us he is out on the road speaking to kids about Jesus. It is so important that she has opportunities to be out there with him. As she gets older there will be more times where she can travel with him.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how great of a summer it has been for our family. Being intentional on making the most of our time together when we were all 4 under the same roof was huge and also having a positive attitude going into the summer helped. I know my husband travels a lot but I am very thankful for his schedule. There are a lot of other dads out there in different professions that travel a lot more than Dave ever will dream of.

I’ll keep you posted on my boring week at home. I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of organizing done in the off time. I never knew just having one child was so easy!