8 days and counting until Dave and I head to Hilton Head for a little adult R&R. I am so excited to get away for a bit. We normally take a big trip with lots of friends in August. Last year we did a trip to Chicago. We had a great time but this summer it’s a bit different. The wayfarer couples are heading to the beach for 3 days. Very randomly and unexpecetedly we were offered a place to stay at cost. It was such a huge blessing. Especially coming off of a year of just having another child. We’ve got insurance but sometimes I wonder why? They really took it to us when Izzie arrived. So it has been perfect timing for a beach getaway. Our friends David and Courtney are coming along. I may be more excited about them vacationing than I am Dave and I. This is the first time they have been able to come along. And it is well deserved time for them. They have 4 children under the age of 6 and this is their first adult getaway for them in a very long time. Did I mention that it was 8 days and counting?

Until then there is still a lot to do. I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but Izzie is getting tubes put in her ears on Friday. After 6 ear infections in the past 6 months it was time. I just took her yesterday for her pre-op. She still has infections in her ears. Poor thing. I bet she feels so much better after Friday. She will probably be a different kid. Although she has really turned a corner these past few weeks. She is now crawling everywhere and has been so pleasant. It is neat to see her personality develop. I just love my girls. Life would be so boring without them. I feel very blessed to be their mom.

Emma is having a great time at camp with her daddy. Dave introduced her from stage yesterday and told the camp of like 800 kids to say “hi Emma!” whenever they see her walking around. She feels like such big stuff and her and Dave are really having some great father daughter time.

I also had dinner tonight with my bother in law… Dan. He was passing through from a camp. We had some great conversation. Although he loves to debate and I am the worst at debating or being able to tell someone my opinion when it differes from theirs. He’s got some interesting views on things… Not sure how much I would agree with him on some of the things we talked about but again I did not have a reason not to at the time we were talking. At one point I wanted to say..”Dan, you are way over my head! and instead I just kept nodding! But don’t tell him that! 🙂

Now I am rambling and if you read this far I am now boring you. Oh well…. sometimes blogs are boring!