I made it!!! It’s day 7 and today I am finishing up the master cleanse. I need to tell myself this..”Kim, I am so proud of you!” It’s one thing to do something like this with a group of people…. it’s a whole other thing to do it by yourself in the middle of a long stretch without the hubby around. So for that I’ll give myself one more pat on the back.

The cleanse:
I think it did what it was supposed to. I always know when I am ready to come off of it. It’s when I look at myself in the mirror and feel hollow. This morning I felt that way for the first time. So I know it’s time to come off. I feel like my system has been washed out. I did not loose as much weight off the bat this time. Which was no big deal since I was not doing this to loose weight. But I still shed about 10 pounds. 5 of that will come back as soon as food hits my system, but hopefully I can keep the other 5 off with some good eating. I’ll probably start the body for life meal plan again. It seemed to be the most helpful when it came to feeling like I was able to digest food. But I would highly recommend the master cleanser to anyone who just wants a jump start at feeling better. And anyone can do it. I am not much of one to commit to anything so for me to stay true to this thing for 7 days is a true test that anyone can do it. Again the results and how you feel will keep you going. And to be honest, being hungry or needing or wanting food are some of the last things you’ll experience. My hardest days for me were day 1 and day 5. Day 1 just starting the thing but day 5 I hit my healing crisis. I felt so bad. Sore throat, heartburn, flu like. Then by day 6 I had the best day yet. Everyone hits their own healing crisis at different times.

Until you deprive yourself from food for a long time I don’t think you can really understand the scope of starvation. So many times as I felt weak this past week I began to think about all the people out there who are starving for food. My reality was that I could choose to eat food at anytime. But for them they have no choice. There is nothing there to eat. Nothing to find. It especially makes me sensitive to the children in that process. I also read through the book of Acts again this week. Where communities came together and took care of every one’s needs. Where there were none in need. Can you imagine your community like that let alone our cities or our country or our world. Somewhere we just got something wrong. Probably when culture tells us things are all about me me me and how to make me better.

So there you have it. It was a good week for me. Both physically and spiritually. I also learned a lot more about what it takes to be disciplined in the the midst of every day life.