I have a hard time understanding brokenness in this world and the chances of death that happen in peoples lives every day. To one day be here and then the next day you are gone. These past two months I have heard of younger people who have died unexpectedly. I did not know these people. I just knew their stories. And it leaves me sad for the people they leave behind. Wendy’s cousin lost her husband 1 month before the birth of their first son. It was a random car accident. He was 30ish. I have another friend who just lost her sister-in-law to cancer. She has two school children she leaves behind. And today I found out that the boss of this same friend passed away. He had been waiting on a kidney. He got too sick before one arrived and passed away after a long hard struggle with life. I hate sickness and the way it comes in and devastates people’s lives. I often wonder what cancer will find me in my young future. Hopefully none but it seems now a days everyone gets it. I hope I am old when it comes knocking. It is just hard for me to be able to find words for people who have lost loved ones that still had so much life in front of them. I have no idea what to say. Maybe some of them were believers maybe not. I am not sure but it does not make words any easier. Again, I feel like I say this all the time but it makes me constantly evaluate my own life and want to be sure I am living each day with meaning and purpose. Living each day hard, and full of love. Constantly telling my family and friends the things on my heart. It always makes me stop thinking about material items and possessions.. Like the new things I want for my house or the car that would make a perfect addition to our families garage. Who cares! Again I think thinking about death and the reality of it is a good thing. It makes you love life more and dare to live each day with a little more passion for what is important to you. So Lord please be with these families today who have lost people in their lives that had so much more life to give. Give them meaning, and purpose and most of all hope.