Dave called last night and I could tell in his voice that he is tired. This has been a long last stretch for him. He has enjoyed each opportunity to be with different groups this summer. My husband by nature is an introvert but when it comes to his calling, he does anything it takes to connect with people, to be around the people he is ministering to, to be available. And this summer it seems so many people have been pulling for his attention. Which is good because one of Dave’s biggest gifts is to be able to talk truth into people’s lives. He’s done it in my own time and time again. But it has been a summer of people really needing him.

So again, last night when he called I knew he was tired. Especially when he started getting sentimental with me and our life. He’s run into so many stories this summer of where people’s marriages from all stages of life have had such turmoil and hardship and devastation. So he took another opportunity to tell me how much he appreciates my willingness to allow him to do what he does… to do what we do. You see, I play as much of a role in his ministry as he does. My number one priority is to make sure our home is at rest and peace when he is gone. That our family.. me and the girls are his biggest fans and supporters and encourager’s and even more important… prayer warriors. Even when we have bad days when he is gone, I seldom let him in on the level of bad they are. All he needs to know is that we are doing well and anticipating when he gets to come home.

But it got me thinking about marriage. A friend of mine and I were talking just the other week about how many people think that once you get married things get so much easier. I am here to say that marriage is one of the hardest things I have done. It takes work and a lot of hard work to have a great trusting marriage relationship. Before getting married I never imagined how hard some journey’s would be together. On the other hand the other thing that I know to be true is that I never expected the love I have for Dave to be so pure, strong and true. That has been the biggest surprise that marriage has brought me.

So anyway, I was just thinking about things today and felt I needed to share that. I am still doing ok on the master cleanser. Today is day 5 and yesterday and today have really been the hardest. I am not hungry but I am feeling like crap. Which is good because it means I am getting all the toxins out of my body. I was reading some blogs last night about other people on the cleanser and most of them do 10+days up to 40 days of this thing…. They say after 10 days your body really starts attacking the bad cells and stuff. I am just looking to make it to Friday. I can’t imagine going past 10 days. I am really proud of myself for getting this far on my own. Last time I did this there were 4 of us all doing it together. This time just me and with Dave gone it has been a little harder because if I do need to lay down a bit and rest I can’t because I’ve got the girls to take care of. But I can do it. We’ll see if I make it to Friday. I may start going off of it tomorrow…..