Izzie took a few crawls today and should be up and officially crawling in the next two days. Just yesterday she can sit up by herself from a laying position on the floor. She is just growing so fast these days!

Sorry I have been absent from my opinions latley. I am in the middle of a 7 day fast/cleanser and have not had much time to sit and think about getting on a computer. It’s going good. I did not want to tell anyone I was starting it in case I did not make it through the first day. The first day is always the hardest. I thought about quiting at least 2 times this past Saturday but I made it through day one. Tomorrow will be day 4 for me and I’m on the down hill. I did this same cleanser about a year and a half ago and made it 8 days. So I figure this time around 7 would do. I’ve had major digestive issues since having Izzie… I personally think my insides were not put back right after my c-section. But who knows, I could be making all of that up. But regardless I wanted to try a cleanse before I went the medical route. So far it seems to be working. I tell you what, it is amazing what kind of crap (no pun untended) is in your body. When you do a cleanse and see the toxins come out you will probably always make it priority to do one. I think 1 or 2 a year can do your body a good service.

So anyway, that is the latest with me. Just on the cleanser, home alone with the girls 6 days so far and 5 more to go till Dave get’s back, reading through the book of Acts, trying to make it till Friday!

I had someone come and clean my house today.. .compliments of my grandparents so I am sitting in a clean smelling house right now. Nothing like a clean looking and smelling house when you had nothing to do with it. Priceless!