Well our family had it’s normal Friday Family Fun night this past Friday and it extended through the entire weekend. We all had a blast. Great family time. On Friday we went to Dicks to find a putter for Emma. She loves playing putt putt and Dave wanted to get her a club of her own. Of course they did not have one. Instead I left with a 9.99 purchase of these things called Jibbitz. Dave rolled his eyes when he found out how much they cost. They are decorations that go on your crocks. Emma got some for her purple crocks that she basically lives in. I can’t believe I spent that much money of them. However, the person who discovered jibbitz and created them just sold the company last year for 22 million dollars. Wish I would have come up with that idea. It was just one of those things I wanted to buy so I did. We then ate at Panera and went to Frankies fun park to play a game of putt putt. Emma had 6 hole in ones! With Dave’s help but still I thought that was impressive even with the help.

Saturday we woke up and did yard work and then went off to the pool for the afternoon. Emma learned to kind of swim on her own and Izzie even got in the pool too. She then took a nap in the shade while we continued swimming. Thanks Izzie for the break! 🙂

And today… we skipped church and met some friends from Birmingham that were driving through. I have not seen them since last August. It does not seem like it has been that long but is has. I hate having good friends that live so far away. With kids and work, we hardly get to hang out anymore. But it is always good when we do.

So a very busy weekend but fun. Dave heads out tomorrow to Alabama and we get back to our normal routine. I think I’m sending Emma to a Vacation Bible School that is just around the corner from our house at this country Presbyterian church. I’m sure she’ll love it.

And me… I’ve got a week left before our two week trip to Florida. We are heading to the Keys with Dave’s family and then to Daytona Beach for a beach camp Dave is doing. I am looking forward to the trip but dreading it as well. It’s just very hard right now to travel, sleep all of us in one room, travel, did I say travel with a 6 month old who is not a very good traveler. I am cherishing this stage of her life because it is my favorite stage but I will look forward to next summer when she is older and things won’t be so stressful or hard for us to pick up and go.

Again it was so great to have such a wonderful weekend home with Dave here. We had a blast!