Emma had her first night of Vacation Bible School tonight. She loved it. She’s still up since they gave her coke for a snack. I don’t know what they were thinking! Anyway it should be a great time for her this week.

Dave started his camp tonight. Still waiting to hear from him. He’s at a Student Life camp. They run the best camps out there. If I get on their site I can look up information on his camp and get a synopisis of the sessions he does. He did an opening at orientation today. Since I have nothing better to do in the evenings I’ll post what is going on with him. It’s great for me since it makes me feel like I am there with him. I am praying that he will have a fantastic week and that lives will be changed.

So from this afternoon:
Camp Pastor Dave Rhodes opened by asking the students if they have baggage? Baggage can equip us for the future or try to hinder us from life. Philippians 1:20-26: while in prison, Paul writes to Philippi about being torn between living and dieing but something inside of him makes it necessary for him to live.

“What is it about your life that it is necessary?” Dave asked. Often we get caught up in the future or paralyzed by the past, but what God wants to have you now. Dave informed the students tonight they would focus on two truths. One: “God is present.” Two: God changes identity. Dave told the students how he’s looking forward to being with them and watching these two truths collide. Dave prayed that throughout this week God will show us what is necessary for us to live in the Here and Now.