Dave just finished up his second camp this summer. From talking to him it was a great week. God did some amazing things in the lives of the students that were there. It’s always encouraging and energizing to me when he has a good week. Most of the weeks are always good but you get some camps that the students just are not there and it’s hard on those weeks. He’s now home for a few days and then back out on Monday.

Which leads me to ask for you all to continue to pray for our family. It’s amazing how the adversary really attacks us during the summer months. It never seems to fail. Pretty cowardly I might say as a good friend of mine puts it. But really, if there are any cracks that he can come in it’s during the summer and it normally is generated in methods of fear with me being home a lone a lot. So that is all I have to say without going into any more detail and giving any credit where absolutely none is due. I know it’s because our family is really a part of many life changing experiences and collisions in the lives of young people during these months. I say our family because even though it’s not me out on the road, I know my importance in the role I play holding down the fort and supporting Dave. We will not back down. We truly believe the importance of our life mission of creating beauty where only brokenness is found. And we understand and comprehend the tremendous responsibility that is and we don’t take it lightly.

With that said, I am still a very disturbed person as it seems things flash in and out of our lives in moments. I was thinking in the car this evening as I saw a Virginia Tech sticker on the car ahead of me. How quickly I forget tragedy that has happened all around me. The media covers something and then it’s like it never happened. And then I was hearing some stats on the news tonight about how many orphans there are in the world.. USAID.GOV: The total number of orphans worldwide is projected to reach 44 million by 2010. 44 million. Can you grasp your mind around that. As I was putting Izzie to sleep tonight she had a hard time going down. She was crying a bit here and there and as I opened her door to go and check on her I was thinking.. who is checking on all those millions of children who are crying? No one is. It makes me think that my vision of adopting one child down the road is just way too small. I need a bigger vision. Oh and then another thought… Interesting that American Idol can raise 70 million dollars for charity but what are the Christians and our churches doing? Just thoughts that again constantly disturb me.