My dad flew out from Greenville today to visit his dad, my grandfather in Upstate NY. He has not seen him in 5 years. I can’t remember how long it has been since I last saw him. I really don’t have a relationship with him. It’s kind of sad. He was there at my wedding 10 yrs ago and then I think I’ve just seen him a few times inbetween. I have no idea what went wrong in the grandfather/grandaughter relationship. I just know we’ve never really had one. So as I was thinking about him today I did have a few memories of him that I wanted to share. They are very random.

1. He always made me toast with honey on it when I was little.
2. In his cellar he had a magic 8 ball that you would shake and as questions too. For a young kid this was very facinating.
3. He always had wine in his cellar so I thought he was a bad man. Thanks mom and dad for instilling in me that wine was bad and that I was going to hell if I looked at it! Thank goodness we can laugh about that stuff now and that our family has been liberated from that aweful theology!
4. He lives on this big steep hill.
5. He gave me a valuable piece of art at one time.
6. He came to my high school, and college graduation.
7. He was at my wedding.

Isn’t it sad that this is all I have of memories of him. No relationship. I think that is why weekends like this weekend is so important to me. To have Emma go visit her Grandparents is something I want to make priority. I want her to know them as such. As her Gma and Gpa. I want her and Izzie to have a unique relationship with them that is all their own. I don’t want them to have fleeting memories with their grandparents.

Emma is on her way back from FL. She cried and did not want to leave. I am happy about that but sad too. I’ve missed her so and I hate that she did not want to come home. But I love that she is making memories with her Grandparents that will last for her lifetime. That she will know them.