I have had a crappy day.

I just got back from seeing a surgeon today about a possible hernia. Well I have one. Not only one but two. They are from my last pregnancy. They don’t hurt me and they are very small but in time they will only get bigger and they will have to be surgically taken care of at some point. No rush from my end on this. The other news is that he once again confirmed I have recti diastase. And the news on that is not very promising either. What did he say??? HMMM… I think it was unless I have a career where my midrift is making me money the risks of getting it surgically corrected far out ways any future benefits. I think that is how he put it. So for now I permanently have a ridge in my belly area that will always be there unless I have it taken care of. It’s pretty major surgery and they can’t promise that it will hold up down the road or that I won’t have other complications from it.

It really does bother me but not enough at this point to take action on it. And he said he would not recommend us doing anything until we are finished having kids. I mean I think we are finished but I guess I always know there is the .001 % chance something crazy would happen. So I guess till I’m a little older I don’t feel like even investigating things any further.

On top of all of this, work has been very overloading with last minute stuff trying to get 3 guys on the road traveling all summer at various locations. I try to plan ahead but somehow the curse of the last minute stuff won’t leave me alone.

What do I do in these moments… I try and put life in perspective. I’m not dying, I have food to eat and a roof over my head. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. I’m not dealing with cancer or a loss of a loved one. Then I realize that my crappy day is actually not that extreme and could be upgraded to maybe an off day.

So that is what I am having. I’m having an off day and hopefully tomorrow will be better.