My friend Wendy went home to Tifton yesterday to attend a funeral of her cousin who tragically lost her husband of three years in a car accident. He was on his way to get more mulch for the yard because he wanted the house to look nice for their new family. Erika his wife is expecting their first child in 4 weeks. How do you attempt to process the loss? A first time mother who will deliver a son… to be named after his father who is now not there or ever will be.

These are the moments where I always ask.. how can God allow this to happen? There are no answers. Just heartbreak. It lead Dave and I into a good discussion on death and the what would each of us do if the other passed suddenly. Dave travels so much on the road and I always pray for his safety when he is gone. We have vaguely talked about it in the past but this instance brought the conversation back. It brings comfort to me to know we address some of the stuff you never want to talk about. I wanted to know what he would want me to do with making his arrangements etc. Morbid I know but these are things that can be a reality when you may least expect it. It would bring comfort to me knowing that we talked about it. I hope we have a long wonderful life together filled with many many years.

If you are a believer you know that death does not have the final word in this life. It’s so hard for the people left behind. As I close these thoughts I know this to be true, Everyone will die. No one escapes death. We will all be in that moment some day. Death is not the end for those of us who believe. Life…. once again…. live every moment with fulfillment. Each day with purpose. It’s not worth not too…..

Jesus, please be with Erika and the Nalls family during this time. When there are no words that can comfort I pray you bring your perfect peace.