Dave has been out of town since Sunday and I am in total survival mode. We have our annual golf tourney this Friday, Izzie acts as if she is dying minute by minute, Emma had a wild day today and me… I am about fizzled out. I don’t know how these single moms do it. I can only conceive it if that is all they have ever known. But when you have help and that help vanishes here and there… well things get a little helter skelter around here. I don’t even think I just made sense….

Then I just got done watching American Idol and I want to go sell my house and all my possessions and go get as many kids from Africa and bring them home to live with us. I wish we all got more glimpses of the reality of people in our world. What’s that statistic? If you make like 18,000.00 a year you are in the top 2% of wealth in the world? It’s something like that . It makes you sick at times when you do get a good reality check when we get caught up in having a bigger house, better cars, more material possessions. For the love people. We are so blessed beyond measure. I am so humbled when I get those constant reminders. Dave and I have been really talking lately about doing some radical things with our money to better others. I’ll keep you posted when we get it figured out.

So there you go. A bunch of mixed emotions and trying to keep it real. I feel so overwhelmed with having 2 children. Coming from a small family and Dave had a small family too. It’s very hard for us to picture us with a large family. But I know there are children that are supposed to be a part of our home.. our family. I don’t know where, when, or how. I just constantly feel that nagging at my heart and know it is to be. So I’ll keep you posted on that too!

I really need bed. I need sleep. I need rest. But how can you rest when there are so many people in need…. I’m very disturbed.