It’s been a while. Too long. I’ve been busy as always. Here are some random tangents to keep you all interested.

Wayfarer Golf tourney went well last week. 100 people, a beautiful day and a great event.

The blessings are abundant at Wayfarer. We have had a good year so far. It’s amazing the opportunities that keep crossing our paths here at Wayfarer. Any day that we get an opportunity to have greater impact on people’s lives is a day to celebrate. We have added some partnerships and are so excited about the impact. That is all I need to say on that now but it’s just a great time in our journey here at Wayfarer. Not to mention that we have had a consultant taking us through a journey to clarify our mission etc. His help has been huge here!

Talking about Wayfarer. I am so thankful that when I get up each day I am so excited about going to work. I hate to even call it work. I feel so blessed to have the job I do and work with the amazing people that I get to work with. I am just very thankful.

Last night was sad because it was the end to another season at Engage. I wonder now what on earth I will do for getting my weekly spiritual meat. This always begins a season of dullness in my life so hopefully this time will be different. I’ll look for ways to be challenged.

As I was in the room at Engage last night it is always bittersweet. I was standing at the back holding Izzie. I looked at the seats I sat in a year ago when I was so distraught about having more children but at the time could not. I had a lot of hard God moments in that room and it was great to reflect with a child in my arms about the journey that I had been on.

Still disturbed about the child out there that is to be a part of our family. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. Dave and I just talked about it again today at lunch.

Just surprised Dave today with a new Nike Sasquatch Driver for his golf game. I love surprising him. He would never buy things like that for himself. That is why he needs me! He is heading today to a 5 day golf outing with all of his guy friends. It happens twice a year and each year it seems they keep adding days. I wonder what he would do if I left on a 5 day girls outing??? I am glad he has these moments. He deserves them. He works harder than anyone I know and pours out always till he has nothing left. I hope he has a great time.

Me.. I will be at home these next 5 days holding down the fort. Drinking my one glass of wine at the end of each day for sure!

These are the moments I am thankful I have girls… I love having 2 girls. I love being girly with them.

We just found out some good friends of ours are having baby #3! So exited you you guys! They will have 3 under 3 I think? They sure know how to keep the flame alive! 🙂

Still feeling yucky about the death of Wendy’s cousins husband. She is to deliver their child in the next few weeks. Just heartbreaking.

Another friend just emailed about her brother in laws wife who has been given 6 months. She has cancer. Why? Still don’t understand the randomness of cancer on people’s lives.

I could keep going. Better stop. Feels like Friday??? It’s not!