13.1 are the miles my husband ran today in his first ever 1/2 marathon! He did a great job and we his family are so proud of him. I really did not want him to do it. He has had two knee surgery’s from playing college soccer and it’s just not smart for him to run on his knee. He did it anyway and seemed to be fine. So he, Reichley and Norris all ran a half marathon this month. Here are pics of our day. It was fun cheering him on at the finish line!

Dave heading to the finish line…… Emma cheering him on with the sign she made. It says I love you daddy.
Dave about to pass out or as he said… “my body is shutting down”
Reichley, Lindsay and Dave… the half marathon group
All the runners. Chris and Audrey ran the 5K earlier that morning
Me and my girls

Celebrating with a Pizza lunch

Izzie and Amelia… worn out!