I was driving Sam and Emma to school this morning. Always an interesting ride. Here is how it went.

Emma: Mom, does God have a big bed?

Sam: God does not have a bed Emma. He lives in Heaven.

Emma: I know Sam. Jesus’ has a bed. It’s smaller than Gods.

Sam: Emma! They don’t have beds…UGHHH….

A little while later….
Emma: Mom, when we pray is God in the walls?

Sam: No Emma God is in Heaven. He is in the sky.

Emma: No Sam God is in my heart he’s not in the sky. Jesus is in my heart.

Sam: I know Emma. God is in the sky and Jesus is in your heart.

Emma: Sam you are silly.

Sam: I’m not silly Emma! (pout)

Mom: Ok Guys we are almost at school!

These are the moments that you want to write down and cherish forever. It’s fun watching your kids as the very simple questions and work out their little theology at this point. As you can see I think the whole concept of God and Jesus and them being the same but different gets them confused. But I love when I’m allowed to be in the room when these conversations are had.