Every time something bad happens I always have a time of reflection on my life and our family. It always makes me ask the tough questions. Like how can God allow this stuff to happen? Why are there so many evil people in this world? When will enough be enough? And then I always do the check list I have in my head…. Have I lived each day with no regrets? If I were out of here tomorrow would I be ok with it? What things in my life am I so caught up in that don’t really matter? Anyway… as I was driving into work this morning thinking about things… I felt such peace knowing that if today would be my last that I have lived the life I’ve always dreamed of and have lived each day hard with no regrets. The only thing that tugs at my heart is the people that I would leave behind. I can’t imagine my kids having to live life without me. I would hate to miss them live life. My heart goes out to all the families who lost such precious loved ones yesterday. I can’t even imagine. We live in a world that has the potential for both good and evil. So if you read this I hope you will take a moment to have some self evaluation. Ask yourself your own questions of importance. The one thing for sure is that one day we will all check out of here. Everyone dies. Hopefully we will all have long. healthy and abundant lives. Don’t be afraid to live in the here and now. We have such potential to do good in this world. Live in Faith believing that all things are possible. A little bit of rambled thoughts from a rambled mind that has processed all it can for today and needs to go to bed….