Dave and I just got back today from our overnight getaway. We had an amazing time. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. We were at lunch a week or so ago on the actual day of our anniversary and someone had asked us to share what we thought had made our marriage so successful for the past 9 years… Besides the fact that we have it all together all the time (yeah whatever! :)) I would have to say that one of the things that has helped us out a lot is that when we first got married we committed that no matter how much money, kids or time we had or did not have that we would always take time to get away without kids and have time together. We take a yearly vacation with friends and we try to get away just Dave and I a few times a year.. just the two of us. This has been so important to us and so good for our marriage.

We left Sunday around 2 and headed for Greenville. We did some random driving around looking at some things and just relaxing. We checked in to the hotel got a good nap.. .which was amazing. Uninterrupted sleep is something I have been craving lately. We got ready for dinner, and during that time while I was getting ready, when I walked back into the room I noticed a gift sitting on the end of the bed. He got me. Dave had gone to my favorite jeweler in town. I could not wait to open the box. Inside was a beautiful 7 diamond white gold journey necklace. It is beautiful and so perfect. Dave is great about getting things for me with meaning… So he went on to explain the necklace and the journey of our marriage that it represents etc. Again, I was so surprised and felt so lucky to be heading to dinner with my hand in his and a beautiful piece of jewelery on my neck. He really made me feel so special. I mean he always makes me feel special and this time was not any different. Dinner was great, and when we got back we had drinks at the hotel which were even better. We got lots of rest and relaxation and slept in today until almost 11! And again… taking time away like this away from the kids and just it being us has been huge. Thanks mom and dad for making it easy for us to get away and have a little adult time.
And reality hit as we pulled back into the driveway this afternoon. Back to the madness of the Rhodes home at this time in our lives. 2 kids, not a lot of sleep and a lot of work to be done!