First let me just say that the Rhodes family is a walking sick factory right now. Emma has this Chronic cough… I was just at the DR yesterday and diagnosed with a throat infection and Izzie… well let me tell you about Izzie.

I feel so bad about how I have been thinking about her lately. If you read one of my last posts you would have heard about how she has been so VERY unpleasant for the past few weeks. Waking up at night and not wanting to go back to sleep. Screaming if you leave her on the floor unattended. As long as I, MOM was holding her she seemed fine. Well Emma had passed on the Chronic cough to Izzie. For the past two days I have been watching her like a hawk because she has this terrible cough and her chest seems so tight. Our friends daughter had a bout with RSV a while back and watching them go through that time was so scary. So I am just really over sensitive about my 5 month old and her colds. I hate when they are young and have colds because you can’t give them anything for it and if it progresses it can become very serious. Well after she started wheezing last night I decided to take her to the Dr this morning. So off we went. I almost cancelled because she did seem a lot better when she woke up this morning.
While there… she does have some aspiration issues in her left lung… good to know but nothing serious at this point.. however they checked her ears and she has two very major double ear infections. To the tune of good thing we found this because her ear drums could have ruptured… Anyway I feel terrible.

I had absolutely no clue she had any issue whatsoever with her ears. When Emma was little and had an ear infection we knew it because she would scream her head off for hours on end… but Izzie who has been fussy a lot has always been so pleasant if I was holding her. Again.. no clue!!! But as I look back on it now.. I see why she has been waking in the middle of the night not going back to sleep unless I am holding her… I’ve let her scream it out in the crib for a few hours here and there and she must have been in a lot of pain in hindsight….
Well there you go. When you think it’s the ears… It’s not and when you think it’s not… it is. A no win battle for sure. We are all looking forward to feeling better around here.

So I am very thankful I took her in today and I am sure she is too. Hopefully the real fun and pleasant Izzie will make a comeback at this house in the next few weeks. I guess I’m still learning to read her but obviously not doing so hot!

On a happier note… Dave and I are heading out of town.. well in town… tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary. My parents are watching the girls for us and we are heading to the Westin Pointsette in Greenville for some much needed R&R and fun… They have these beds called the heavenly beds and let’s just say it’s worth every penny for the room!!! Of course the kids are sick when we plan something like this. I am so thankful for my dear mother who is begging for us to still go…. She is a brave woman!