Body for Life….
We have just about finished our body for life program that we have been on. Back in January all of Wayfarer decided to do it. Wives and all. Dave and I hung in there for the first 7 weeks of the 12 week program. The past month has been more like the Dave and Kim for Life program. I was skeptical at first but the results for me have been great even with being only on the plan and not exercising which is very surprising. I have come to the realization that when working part time I can’t find any time in my day to exercise. When I am home I want to be with the kids not heading off to our treadmill and Izzie is still causing me such a lack of sleep that getting up early is just not an option. So hopefully soon I will find the time to find out where I can fit it in. But regardless I surprisingly was able to get back to below my pre pregnancy weight.. Yeah! (Big deal for me since I gained 50+ pounds with having Izzie.. Yikes! ) Now my body does not look the same… Izzie really did a number on me… but the scale makes me feel like I made progress. I can really tell in my face. Regardless it has been a good experience and we have made some good life changes in our family….. So here are the things we have changed/learned… I think most of my personal success had to do with cutting sugar totally out of what I ate. But rest assured there was a free day each week that we could eat whatever we wanted!

– The switch to diet coke from coke has been fairly easy. We won’t go back…. And coke zero is amazing!
– Never knew that Splenda could be so good in things like tea….. not bad at all
– Have adapted to the taste of fat free sour cream.
– Learned that cheese made with 1/2 % milk is just as good as the real thing.
– Eating whole wheat products like spaghetti, bread, tortillas are great. Better than white
– Ground Turkey makes a great substitute for Ground beef
– Butter buds really do help a baked potato taste good
– Go Lean Cereal by Kashi is so good and we all now eat breakfast in the morning
– We eat a lot more fruit now
– I can finally drink skim milk
– Natural peanut butter is really better than the processed version.

We really will start keep eating the more healthy way when we can. The best part of the program is that for people who don’t like to cook… there is a book that has all you need to know. I was able to make meals that were easy and good.

So there you go. It has been a fun ride but I’m glad it’s about over. I do have to give MAJOR props to our friends Chris and Audrey Brooks. They have been on it faithfully till the end and have their pictures coming up. Audrey looks amazing and I am so proud of her! (Chris Too!) She really inspires me to one day do this again with the exercise involved! It’s one thing to loose weight but it’s a totally other thing to change the fat content of your body and build muscle.

Before Body for Life… Deer in the headlights I can’t believe I’m posting this picture! Does this look like a mugshot of a person who got busted for partying too hard???

After Body For Life…. Ok.. this looks a little better.. I hope….