Not so funny…
When will my child Izzie stop waking up at 4AM and refusing to go back to sleep until 6:30AM? She has done this 4x this past week… last night being another one. She is about to kill me….

Dave called this morning from Tifton to tell me that he forgot his preaching bible… No big surprise. He’s ALWAYS forgetting something. Last weekend he left for an event and walked out the door without his backpack (which has everything he needs in it) I found it and called him as he was already 5 minutes down the road….
Today he was needing some info off of one of the post it notes in Luke… His bible is covered in post it notes on all the passages that he has spoken on… It’s just his system. And I started to chuckle because it made me think about something funny…….
A few years ago.. Norris his buddy was leaving for an event and had left his bible somewhere so he borrowed Dave’s. The next time Dave went to use his bible he about had a panic attach when he noticed that the hundreds of post its were gone. Norris had seen all the post its and decided to help Dave clean his bible out. Dave spent the next month trying to put back all the post its in their rightful place… Just thought that was funny.

Emma’s friend Brennan had his first T-Ball game today. He is the first Wayfarer Kid that is old enough to take part in these events. We were all so excited to go and see him. It’s the start of this stage in our lives. So scary that our kids are not babies anymore!

Brennan Up to Bat!

The Girls cheering him on. This is the Wayfarer Posse… All of us wives at Wayfarer each had a girl in the year of 2006. I am sure the future holds lots of fun for all of us!