Don’t you just hate that? I was driving around a corner on a winding road yesterday on my way to work and I looked down and sitting in the middle of the road was this cute baby bird. Looked so tiny that it must have just left it’s nest to explore. It was too late to slow down or divert. I hoped that it would just stay in the middle as I passed over but no such luck. I thought I heard a crunch but was too afraid to look back in my rear view mirror. On my way home that afternoon I made a point to look in the road where the incident happened. There is was… a flat blot in the road. I feel so bad. I hate when that happens. This little bird had no idea what hit him. It was just minding his own business and bam…. life is gone.

My mind always takes me to sick places when I hit something on the road. I internally feel like I ran over my kid. Why do I do that? So Mr. baby bird…. I am sorry for so tragical taking your life at such a young age. I am sure the world had such promise in store for you. And let this be a constant reminder to us all that our days here are numbered and at any point or any time something might catch us off guard and out we go… So live life to it’s fullest everyday. It’s not worth the risk not too!

And on a more happier note… This weekend is the last weekend in my husbands spring travel schedule. I just sent him off this morning for his event in Georgia. It has been a busy spring coming off of a slammed fall. And adding Izzie to our world has not made his time on the road any easier for us girls waiting for him to return. But I must say that at the end of the day, I am so glad that he gets the opportunity to be in the road and have “awakening redefinition” encounters with other people. That’s his calling and his passion and I am honored to support him 100% in it. With that said… we certainly will enjoy the slow months of April and May before Summer madness hits….. So yeah to this last hurrah! Be safe on the road and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Took these of the girls last night. Izzie is getting to be so much fun and Emma just loves her!