Engage. How refreshing… how much needed in my life. www.engagegod.org We are in a series called the domino effect and have been talking about how when you come to the cross and you still have the choice to keep choosing life, to turn and still do evil or worse yet.. do nothing.

And those that do nothing for the cause of the cross stand as an obstacle as an embarrassment to the cross… and instead of leading people through the cross to life, we become an obstacle to the good that God wants to do in the world. Isn’t that so true? And I think we can all relate to that at some point in our life. We may not be on a street holding a sign telling people that they are going to hell…… (which I am so embarrassed to think people who claim to be Christians would do such an act) but maybe the fact that so many of us do nothing at all… that we are just as bad….. just a thought!

There is so much we can do to catalyst change and bring life to people who so desperately need it. I think our generation seeks that. Here are some stats that always put things into perspective. So often when I get caught up in the worldly stuff of better homes, cars, more money to do more things… having a world perspective is all it takes to humble me and make me realize just how blessed I am and just how much I can do to change this world! Our family… we really believe that we are going to change the world. Our community believes that too and Dave and I love to flesh out what that means to us now and down the road.

So the challenge…. Live and dream people! Life is calling for you to do that! As lyrics from Spur 58… “Wake up and Breath again… there is life outside”

Life expectancy
-Worldwide: 68 years
-Industrialized countries (14 percent of the world): 79 years
-Least-developed countries (12 percent of the world): 53 years

Infant mortality
-Worldwide: 5.2 percent
-Industrialized countries: 0.5 percent
-Least-developed countries: 9.7 percent

People use adequate sanitation facilities
-Worldwide: 59 percent
-Industrialized countries: 100 percent
-Least-developed countries: 36 percent

Children reach grade 5 in school
-Worldwide: 83 percent
-Least-developed countries: 69 percent

Adult literacy
-Worldwide: 80 percent
-Least-developed countries: 60 percent

People live on less than $1 a day
-Worldwide: 21 percent
-Least-developed countries: 41 percent

Adults (15 and older) who have HIV/AIDS
-Worldwide: 1.0 percent
-Industrialized countries: 0.4 percent
-Least-developed countries: 2.7 percent