Do you think Katie Couric regrets her decision to move to the nightly news. She just does not look comfortable there. I really miss her on the Today Show. However big props to Meridith Vierra.. I think she is fitting in just fine.

Do you think any less of John Mayer because he is dating Jessica Simpson? They seem so random….

Rosie on the view…. Can’t believe ABC would allow the view to become her view.. very sad…

I can’t stand people bashing Angelina Jolie and Madonna for adopting… Thank goodness for them… they are giving love and a home to someone who needs one. Shame on America for judging any part of that.

On that note.. .Oprah and her school… Good for her for doing something with her money to help. Stop bashing her that she’s doing it in Africa and not America.

The ultimate conflict to work or not to work. Amazing how many moms who stay at home need a break or how many moms work but want to stay at home. I love the part time option and think I’m personally a better mother because of it. I can have a break, get to have adult conversations, adult lunches, run errands and when I’m home I get to love being just mom. At the end of there is really no money made but sanity saved! 🙂 At least that is how I feel about it today… now tomorrow…..

Will I ever get a full nights sleep again?

Why is going from 1 to 2 so darn hard?

Do dads know that it’s OK for them to change diapers?

Will I ever feel like I really know him?

Why can’t I communicate about God the way I do about other things I am passionate about in life?

Happy Tuesday to everyone. Thank goodness Engage is tonight. I’m in need of some thought provoking time…….

Back to work!