First Something that I’m not proud of….

I want to apologize for my rant yesterday. I want to express that I don’t want to be mad… I’m just sad for everyone involved when an affair happens. Every time we hear of someone we know and respect fall to this it’s really heart breaking. We hope and wish the best to all that are involved. I have no more to say on that subject.

Something to be proud of…

I finished the girls swing set this weekend and am so proud of myself. Never thought I could do it. And I really loved every minute of putting it together. Besides Reichley starting the frame and my dad helping bolt the top part on… Every screw and hole drilled I did. Emma is enjoying her “park” which she referrs to it as. So where was my husband during this whole process? Not quite sure and still trying to figure that one out. Even when we were putting the big pieces together on Sunday he had to disappear and go on an 8 mile run…. HMMM. He got back just in time to ask if he screw in the last screw.. I said no way!!! I love my husband but if there is a swing to be built or something to be fixed in the house he always prefers to have someone paid to do it. … It’s just not his thing and I totally respect that!

To my parents and grandparents who made it possible for us to get this swing set…. Thank you for all you do for our family. The tangibles and intangibles. I always feel so humbled to be blessed by you all in so many ways! You are always giving and doing way too much for the girls. I don’t know what else to say.

Here she is in all it’s glory!

Emma Waving from her window….

Izzie @ 4 months… One day soon she’ll enjoy it too!