So I wake up this morning… Emma has been at the bottom of our bed watching Aladdin and she jumps up to my pillow and says… Mom, I don’t want to die… And I thought to myself “oh brother what did I create?”

Last night we had a family night. First one in a long time since Dave seems to have been on the road every weekend since January. I know that is not true but it seems that way. So to have a Friday night to do whatever was wonderful. We let Emma make our plans. We told her she could do anything she wanted. She wanted pizza and to play games at Frankie’s fun park. So off we went. Pizza place was slammed so we went to Panera and had Pizza… Not bad either. Had not had it before but it was good. I had a woman come up to me and say she was astounded at how well behaved Emma was. I wanted to tell her that is was her mothers hard work and doing but then I explained she was 4. People still think she’s 2 but don’t tell her that.

Off we went to Frankie’s and had lots of fun. Went to turn in our tickets for prizes and saw they had a bowl of fish so we got a plastic blue fish. We used to have a fish named Blue and he passed a few months ago. It was hard to see him go after changing his water every week for almost 3 yrs but one morning Emma found him swimming upside down and by that night he died. So at that time blue fish was flushed and we said he was in heaven with Jesus. So she picked out a blue fish from Frankie’s and it really looked just like him.

So at home last night Emma is playing with her fish and she says to me “mom, blue fish died” And I told her “yes he did, he was a good fish wasn’t he” and then stupid me went on and said one day we will all die. That’s life, you are small like Izzie and you grow and get old and gray hair and then we will die too. First, I have no idea what I was thinking it just blahhed it out. And Emma very concerned kept saying “but I don’t want to die! ” I tried to change the subject after saying but when we do we get to go hang out with Jesus…..” and again subject change…. So this morning I about “died” when that’s the first thing she says. It’s like she has been thinking about it all night. And when she said that I said “what are you talking about” and she said “mom, what you said last night remember?” and I said “Oh silly I was talking about blue fish” and told her to go watch Aladin!

So life lesson… don’t talk to your kids about things they can’t understand quite yet!

Looking forward to a good day. Finishing the swing set and then out to dinner with our friends from Spur. Can’t wait!