I just finished rocking my 4 month old to sleep. I love bedtime with her. It’s custom to sit in her dark room… pat her on her back… and send her off to never land. You would have seldom found me doing this with my first born Emma. I think I was far too concerned about the success of laying her in her crib awake to have her fall asleep on her own. Honestly, the main reason was so when another parent would ask I’d be the proud mom who could say..”yeah I just place her in her crib awake and out she goes”. It never really worked with Emma much anyway. She is now 4 and has yet to spend the whole night in her own room… At about 4am every morning she finds her way downstairs to our room and lays at the foot of our bed. We don’t even hear her anymore. We just know she is there when we wake up or try to stretch out our feet too far. Again a bothersome problem to have at times but in a few years I’ll be wishing she was still doing it.

One thing I have been reminded of lately is that your kids actually do grow up too quick. I can’t believe Emma is 4. So this second time around I am doing things differently and enjoying the moments of infant hood regardless of what my babywise book is telling me to do.

Sweet dreams girls… mommy loves you both so very much…….